Welcome to the year 2095. Humanity's battle with climate change has reshaped our world, and this project seeks to bring you face-to-face with that reality. Let's delve into a journey that takes us from the iconic London Tube Map to the ever-essential Urban Survival Kit, allowing us to experience life in a world transformed by climate change.

Navigating London, 2095

As you explore this future version of the London Tube Map, notice how our beloved city has evolved, how climate change has necessitated drastic changes in our urban fabric, and how mankind has found resilience amidst adversity.

2095 TfL Map - 18 May 2023-01.png

New Landscapes: Waterways of London

Explore two poignant visions of our city's future — Canada Water Pier and Hammersmith Pier in 2095. As rising sea levels transform our urban terrain, we adapt, with waterways becoming central to our city's connectivity.